About Us


At Bee Bush, we believe social media should be something meaningful

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be a better social networking platform where everyone can bloom and experience cheer.

Bee Bush is a place where users can interact with one another from one corner of the world to another. Our platform is a multifunctional one, designed to enable our users to engage in the way that’s most meaningful to them and to enjoy the buzz of the world in a tailored, unique way.

Our Story

Every human relationship is unique. No matter the nature of the interaction or the type of relationship at hand, the reality is that no one can understand the complexities of any relationship except the two people in it. Whether it’s a friendship or a romantic interaction or a positive and productive business relationship, the way that we connect with other people is highly individualistic. And so we believe that you should be able to connect with the people around you in the way that makes the most sense to you.

Our story is all about making a “connection”.

Our users on Bee Bush can connect with their network in multiple ways. You can connect with your network with text, photo, video or BB video posts to share with your audience the things that mean the most to you, or the things you think your connections will love.

And of course you can also share links with your network to show your friends what’s cool and interesting to you, or to garner interest in your latest project.

Our Mission and Vision

Redefining what social media means

Social media is in a unique point in its history right now. With the advent of continually advancing technology comes new ways to connect with the people you know and love all over the world, and to make new connections with people you otherwise would never have met at all.

VISION: Our vision is to create a simple and easy-to-use, advanced social media platform, giving good reasons, unique experiences, and attractive benefits so that people can have a cheerful day. We want to sweeten up everyone's life and with our users' support; Bee Bush will become the sweetest honey bush

MISSION: To build better global social networks for everyone to bloom and cheer


Company Values

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Care
  • Responsibility
  • Family


These are some of the values we built our company on.