Marketplace Rule

Bee Bush Marketplace Policy

When using BEEBUSH, our user safety is our top priority. We are always on the lookout for harmful content, as we only want authenticity on our platform. We have this policy in place because we want to make sure our buyer and seller is happy as well as to make our marketplace a safe place for everyone.

Restricted & Prohibited Content:

Adult & Nudity Content

Sex Toys


Illegal Drugs


Endangered Species

Restricted Animals

Wildlife Products

Illegal Products

Illegal Services

Illegal Software

Accounts or Password Sales

Third-Party Infringement

Counterfeit Products




Fake & Illegal Business



Hazardous Chemicals

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Prescription Drugs

Clinical Trial

Body Parts

Unsafe Supplements

Before & After Weight Loss

Unrealistic Cosmetic Claims

Offensive Content

Sickening Content


Spy Camera

Crypto Currencies


Gambling & Gambling Products

Illegal Government Items


Religion or Race


Get Rich Schemes

Grammar Error

Lack of Relevance & Accuracy

Spyware or Malware

Multi-Level Marketing

Clickbait Content

Other Rules of Marketplace You Need To Know:

  1. Don't Spam or post duplicated ad.
  2. The item images must be matched as Title and Description.
  3. Never post or write Misleading Title or description (Clickbait).
  4. You can post a pet for sale but not endangered species & restricted animals.
  5. Never put unrealistic Price.
  6. Respect Bee Bush Brand- Logo, Trademark, Design Materials.
  7. We reserve the right to suspend or remove any listing in our sole discretion for any reason.
  8. Respect local laws and regulations.
  9. Respect intellectual property rights of others.
  10. If any illegal activity is arising, we may report it to local law enforcement or appropriate authorities.
  11. By using our marketplace, you are responsible for your own risk.
  12. By Posting in the Bee Bush marketplace, it means you are responsible to read, understand, and agree with all our policy.
  13. The policy is subject to change without notice.

Safety Information for Buyer:

  1. If you plan to meet the seller, please meet at a safe public place only.
  2. Never send money if you don't receive the product or service.
  3. You may ask seller to use reputable delivery service with CASH On Delivery.
  4. Please check product and ask all information from seller clearly before deciding to buy any product.
  5. Always compare the price around before you buy.
  6. When buying high price product, don't forget to ask for any purchase proof or certificate of authenticity.
  7. Watch out for counterfeit items- Bee Bush doesn't allow counterfeit items.
  8. When buying real estate or auto, please always hire or bring technical agent to check or verify for you.
  9. When applying for any job, please watch out for any rich quick scheme or any suspicious part time job.
  10. Your privacy is very important- never share your bee bush account phone number, payment passwords, bank information, ect.
  11. By using our marketplace, you are responsible for your own risk.