Advertising Policy

Bee Bush Advertising Policy

When using BEEBUSH, our user safety is our top priority. We are always on the lookout for harmful content or ad, because we only want authenticity on our platform. Being authenticity we only allow truthful product or service to be promoting on our platform. Selling or offering the best product or service will earn a big engagement from your buyers. Please respect our advertising guidelines.

  1. Please respect our brand such as Logo, Trademark, and Design Materials.
  2. Your ad will be gone through reviewed process to make sure they meet our policies. The reviewed step includes Text, Image, Video, Description, Targeting, Quality Landing Page, ect.
  3. Your ad may take less than 24 hours in the reviewed process, but sometimes it may take longer. If your ad is not approved, you may edit to meet our policies and resubmit again.

Below are the lists of product or service you can NOT advertise or promote on our platform

Adult & Nudity Content

Sex Toys


Illegal Drugs


Endangered Species

Restricted Animals

Wildlife Products

Illegal Products

Illegal Services

Illegal Software

Accounts or Password Sales

Third-Party Infringement

Counterfeit Products




Fake & Illegal Business



Hazardous Chemicals

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Prescription Drugs

Clinical Trial

Body Parts

Unsafe Supplements

Before & After Weight Loss

Unrealistic Cosmetic Claims

Offensive Content

Sickening Content


Spy Camera

Crypto Currencies


Gambling & Gambling Products

Illegal Government Items


Religion or Race


Get Rich Schemes

Grammar Error

Lack of Relevance & Accuracy

Spyware or Malware

Multi-Level Marketing

Clickbait Content

** Required Licenses from Local Authority

Beer, Wine, Alcohol

Healthcare products and services

Things You Should Know As Well:

If you are managing ads on behalf of other business, you are the one who will be responsible to ensure everything is complying with our above Advertising Policy.

We reserve the right to approve, disapproved or suspend any ad at our sole discretion for any reason. The policy is subject to change without notice. By using our advertising features, it means you are responsible to read, understand, and agree with all our policy.