Cookies & Storage Technologies

“Cookies” is a reference to small pieces of text used to store information on web browsers. They are helpful for storing and calling back information such as passwords, codes, and frequently visited places. This is done to make your experience as the user more pleasant and faster. Cookies are used with all of our services.

The following policy will explain how and why cookies are used, and what choices you have in the matter. Unless specifically states, all collected data is used for processing and streamlining purposes.

Why do we use this?

Cookies are used for many reasons, many to protect and improve your use of our services. This is done by tracking your movements so that we can personalize content and advertisements tailored to your wants and needs, and to protect your information from hackers. Cookies are mainly used by us for the following reasons:


By being able to authenticate that it is really you using your account, cookies will track your password information as well as when and how often you are logged in. If there is an issue with security, we will be able to better fix the problem.

Safety and security

Cookies are used to keep your account and your personal information safe and secure. It also helps us to track activity that is a violation to our policies and may be harmful or damaging to our users.


The use of cookies is also helpful to make recommendations for businesses and product that may appeal to a specific user, and help promote that business or product.

Cookies are also used to measure how well a particular ad campaign will perform to its target audience. Cookies help us track user movement and display the same ads on different browsers and devices used by the same individual.

Cookies can help provide insight into what people want to buy, learn about, or associate themselves with. By tracking how you interact with the ads, we can offer more content that may interest you and less content that does not interest you.

In some cases, you may use cookies to opt out of receiving the ads from third parties.

Features, services, and Analytics

Cookies are used to make our servers function for the user easier and more swiftly.

We use cookies to enable the functionality that helps us provide the BEEBUSH Products.

Cookies are used to track the movements and interaction of our users so that we can study the data to learn how to better serve our users.

Where do we use cookies?

Cookies may be placed on your computer or device when you use or visit:
  • Our website
  • Any products or services provided by BEEBUSH
  • Websites and apps affiliated with BEEBUSH

Third-party cookies

Our third-party affiliates may use cookies linked to our services to provide information to us and the businesses that advertise with us.

Third-parties often use cookies in their own services, so we recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of any website that you visit to see if there is an opt out policy if you do not want your information to be tracked.

Cookies and advertisements

We use cookies to show ads that are relevant to your preferences. Ads that are tailored to your interests are an effective way to introduce you to new products and services, and an efficient way for you to find what you are looking for. If you do not wish to see this information, or the ads are not relevant to you, you can hide that ad in your feed right away.

Online advertising:

Most of the advertising companies we are affiliated with use their own version of cookies or other online tracking devices. If you are interested in learning more about tracking and what kind of choices you have regarding privacy, please refer to these resources based on your location:
  • Digital Advertising Alliance:
  • Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada:
  • European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance:

Browser controls:

Your browser or device may offer settings that will let you choose where the cookies are set and how to delete them. To find out more about this, check your device’s help screen. Please note that if these cookies are disabled, our services may not work properly.