Community Competition Policy

These terms and conditions must be abided by when using our website and the services associated with it (including services, apps, web, and software). All of the clauses mentioned in this contract shall be applied to all the services we offer, without exception. Please read the terms and conditions meticulously before utilizing our platform. If you do not agree to any clause/term, please do not use our platform.

1. What is Bee Bush community competition?
  • Bee Bush community competition is a fun feature allowing our user to compete with each others for gifts, prizes, and more.

2. What are the benefits to compete in Bee Bush community competition?
  • Chance to rank your profile higher and get popular
  • Chance to win monthly prizes
  • Chance to compete for monthly prizes
  • Chance to enter in other promotions
  • Chance to become bee bush VIP user with certain bee level amount
  • Chance to be in our limited marketing benefits

3. Bees & Benefits
  • Bee represents a point to become VIP user, you can earn bee every day by completing multiple tasks daily.
  • The bees will be manually given based on you are our customer, a very active user, popular person, and more. This option will be sulely depending on Bee Bush Company’s Discretion only!
  • Having Bees allow you to rank your profile higher in VIP Member Ranking
  • There are multiples ways to earn bees:
    • Daily Quest
    • Elite Quest (300 Bees to activate)
    • 7 & 28 Day Chest
    • User Level
    • Bee Bonus (100 Bees to activate)
    • Black Diamond Monthly Ranking
    • More… (will update more as features are coming)

4. Power & Benefits
  • Power represents as a Level to rank user profile in feed. 
  • Having Power allows you to rank in power ranking page
  • Earning powers daily to be able to compete in monthly Power Ranking page for prizes and gifts.
  • There are multiple ways to earn Power:
    • Daily Quest
    • Elite Quest (300 Bees to activate)
    • Teammate Power Claim (Soon)
    • More… (will update more as features are coming)

5. Black Diamond
  • Having Black Diamond allows you to rank in black diamond ranking page.
  • Earning more Black Diamond to be able to compete in monthly Black Diamond ranking
  • To earn Black Diamond is to buy product from our VIP partner

6. Pearl
  • Having Pearl allows you to create Teammate feature
  • Having Pearl allows you to be able to exchange for product in Eshop
  • Having Pearl allows you to contribute in your Teammate Level to claim more power
  • More…
  • To earn Pearl is to buy product from our VIP partner

7. More Materials
  • Honey Bars
  • Badge XP
  • Silver Bars
  • Guld Bars
  • Diamond Bars
  • Speed Up x5
  • 1 Day Key
  • 7 Day Key

Community Competition Features

  1. Daily Quest
  2. Elite Quest
  3. 7 & 28 Day Chest
  4. Bee Bonus (300 Bees to unlock)
  5. User Level (Based on Power amount)
  6. Level Bonus (Bonus from level up)
  7. 30 day Power Ranking (Monthly cash & prize competition)
  8. 30 day Black Diamond Ranking (Monthly competition for winning Bees)
  9. Teammate
  10.  30 Day Teammate Ranking (Monthly total teammate Power ranking)
  11.  Eshop Exchange
  12.  More…

Suspension or termination

The community completion feature is created to make sure our users are having fun and compete with each others for ranking. We monitor our the community competition feature as best as we can to make sure that no one will spam or cheat the system so that everyone can have a good experience in competition.

If we found out any account had viulated in any way or for any reason, your account and your access to our services may be suspended or terminated. This is to protect the well-being and the harmony of the rest of our users

Limited liability

We are proud of the products and services that we provide on BEEBUSH, and our commitment to making the rules and guidelines clear and easy to understand. We would like to state here that our community competition features are “as is” and there are no guarantees to the users that their accounts and associated features will always remain secure and will function without error or delays. 

We also cannot be held accountable from any issues that occur while using our services, and we will in no way be liable for any damages, monetary or otherwise, that may arise from using our services. You use our services at your own risk.

Updated on 11/11/2022